Weird Pregnancy Facts You May Be Aware or Unaware Of

Pregnancy is a fascinating phase experienced by women. Experiencing a human grow within their own body is thrilling. However, there are many things new would-be mothers or experienced mothers are not aware of.

Some weird facts related to pregnancy you may be aware or unaware of:

  • Longest recorded pregnancy is 375 days [normal 280-day]
  • Shortest recorded pregnancy where the new-born survived was only 22 weeks
  • Old women to give birth to an infant was 66 years
  • Uterus during first trimester is orange size and by 3rd trimester expands to watermelon size. 500 times larger than its original size.
  • Breast milk is produced in just 14 weeks into pregnancy
  • Voice changes during prenatal period due to hormonal changes but goes back to normal post-delivery
  • Your baby starts to urinate within you in the start of second trimester
  • 9 out of 10 women experiences change in their skin tone
  • Heart grows, so as to work hard to pump extra blood volume for developing baby in the womb
  • Babies cry in your womb but you cannot hear them because of the fluid. It seems so scary and sad!
  • After the 16th week doctor will be able to perform an ultrasound and tell baby’s gender
  • Sense of smell heightens during pregnancy
  • Even dad’s gain weight. Sharing pregnancy symptoms is a thing, which scientists have documented happening all around the world
  • Oxygen level in the blood decreases, which causes forgetfulness or ‘pregnancy brain’
  • Women suffering from heartburn possibly have babies born with plenty of hair
  • In Japan, badges are issued for pregnant women. The concept is that while travelling in trains or buses others will see the badge hanging around their neck or bag and offer them seats, especially in early pregnancy
  • A single mother gave birth to 8 living babies
  • Heaviest recorded baby weight during birth is 22 pounds

Follow all the pregnancy health tips like staying active, take pre-natal vitamins, stay away from cigarette smoke and smokers, and educate yourself to prepare for delivery.

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