hospital for braintumour surgery in India

Many people are aware of the term brain surgery but they do not have a clear idea on what exactly is done when someone is said to have gone under a brain surgery. Well, it is a surgery which is mainly performed to repair the structural problems in the brain.

What type of brain surgery is needed to be performed on a patient completely depends on the area of the brain which is affected and the condition of that particular area which needs to be treated. There has been a lot of advancement in medical science these days and so brain surgeries have become a bit easier.

There are many types of brain tumour. Some are malignant and some are not. Meningioma is also a type of tumour which gets developed from the meninges. Now, the question is what is a meninges? Well, meninges is a type of membrane which mainly covers the brain and the spinal cord of a human body. Most of the meingioma tumours according to physicians can be catered as a benign tumour and the rest; which is a very few percentage can be considered as a malignant type of tumour or atypical type of tumour.

Now the question is why brain surgeries are done? Well, as it has been said earlier, it is mainly done to treat the abnormalities suffered by a human brain. This can happen due to a birth defect or from some disease, or due to an accidental injury. The surgery is performed in the hospital for braintumour surgery in India when a patient faces things like blood clots, aneurysm, epilepsy, bleeding, abnormal blood vessels, any kind of nerve damage or irritation, skull fractures, abscesses, brain tumours, strokes or a sudden damage of a brain nerve tissue.

Mostly all types of brain surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia but in some cases the surgeons are also allowed to do the surgery when the patient is awake or highly sedated. This mostly happens when there is a brain tumour surgery. This type of surgery is also known as the intra operative brain mapping. This happens because the surgery is to be performed on the organ which is closer to the parts of human body can controls body movements, vision and language. Or this might happen if the tumour has been spread very large and it does not have any defining border.

These days, in most cases gamma knifes are used when it comes to brain surgery. In case of malignant and benign brain tumours that includes metastases, acoustic neuromas and meningiomas they are very effective. They are also very helpful in vascular abnormalities like arteriovenus malformations. They can fix the functional disorders that include trigeminal neuralgia. It is said that gamma knife is very effective in single session treatment.

When one faces any kind of uneasiness in brain, they need to visit a specialist immediately. This will help the doctors to find the major reason behind the problem at an early stage and they can start the treatment on an immediate basis.

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