To mend the injury in the knee

The bone and the Muscles

The human beings has a proper shape that is given by the bony organization of the body. It is also called as the skeletal structure. This shape of the body is very much advanced and it is only seen in the human beings among all the other animals in the animal kingdom. We can observe that all the other animals present in the animal kingdom walk that is does their movement and locomotion with 4 digits. Instead the human beings are the only organism that moves with two of their digits which is called as the legs. So the skeletal organization plays a lot of role in balancing the body with every possible posture human body get in to. Human beings have in total 206 bones in the body and each of the bone has a particular name with it. Along with the bones another thing that is very much helpful in the movement of the human body is the muscles adhered to it. The muscles are very much connected with the bones with the help of the ligaments and the tendons. These muscle are also responsible for the characteristic shape of the human body. Together they form an important pair in the body. The injuries are also very much common in term of the bones and the muscles and if it detected in a proper way it can cured as well.

ACL and its Injury                                                                        

Anterior cruciate ligament or the ACL is the ligament that is present in the region of the knee which help in the proper movement of the knee. The joint region of the knee are very much crucial and also important for the legs for a human beings as the knee gives a lot flexibility to the legs so that we are able to move freely. And the joint is also of special type, which is the ball and socket joint. This anterior cruciate ligament connects the tibia or which commonly called as the shin bone with the femur or the thigh bone. Thus it is very much evident the importance of this ligament for every human e being. Although is very much protected but injuries in this region or this ligament is very much common. And the injuries happens mainly due to heavy injuries and the exercises like that of the gymnastic, volleyball, soccer, basketball, skiing, football etc. A tear in this region will definitely give away the knee portion of the body and also other physical activates.

ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction is a surgical method to rectify and mend the tear that has occurred in the anterior cruciate ligament. The surgical procedure very much involves the replacement of the torn ligament with a tendon either taken the body of the patient itself or by searching suitable donor for the patient.

The surgery

The surgical method is very much simple and it is done in the outpatients department where the change is done using simple local anesthesia for the process.


Best hospital for ACL in India has the perfect equipment’s for this process. Although it looks simple but a single problem in the reconstruction will cause a series of problem also. For that expert doctors are also present in those hospitals.

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