Pastor Chris Oyakhilome A Wife Should Strive to Understand Their Husband

Dr. Ijabla Raymond is touting the comment that women were created as an afterthought that was announced by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Christian Nigerian women are up in arms about this revelation being espoused by Dr. Oyakhilome. Pastor Chris is the Founder and President of the Christ Embassy International mega church which is a global ministry headquartered in Lagos. Christ Embassy is also called Believers’ Love World Inc., and under the auspices of Pastor Oyakhilome, the church owns several satellite television networks that are broadcasted online and TV around the world.

In 2016 Pastor Chris preached that husbands are the master over their wives and that in the proper interpretation of the Bible, God intended that in a Christian marriage, women are not equal partners but instead the husband has authority over the wife and family. Dr. Oyakhilome stated that wives should subject themselves to the husband. Dr. Oyakhilome further stated that when a Christian man and woman marry, that the wife comes under the authority of the husband and must understand his will and subject themselves to his authority.

Continuing in his 2016 sermon, Dr. Chris further stated that a woman was not originally factored into God’s divine plan like the animals and plants were, but instead only created a woman to be a helpmate for the man as an afterthought only. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also said that a wise woman can softly influence her husband, but an intolerant woman will only annoy him and anger him which leads to you becoming a victim. Wives should Learn to practice listening to their husband because that’s where their true beauty lies.

With the outrage from Nigerian women’s groups, Dr. Raymond, wrote a blog stating that he was in agreement with this concept by Dr. Oyakhilome. Dr. Ijabla is a Nigerian physician who works with the NHS Trust Hospital in England. As a humanist, he writes contributing blogs on issues taking place within society, health, religion, politics, human rights, etc. In his blog, Dr. Raymond regurgitates Pastor Oyakhilome’s sermon on the topic of husband and wives, and he also added his own thoughts.

Dr. Ijabla says that other Christian ministers have taught the same principles, but he espouses that he does not support other religions like the Koran that there is a right to punish wives or women, but should not leave a mark on them; women only go to heaven to satisfy the sexual lusts of men; 99% of women go to hell; women are far less intelligent than a man; and wives are only equal to dogs and asses.

Dr. Raymond points out that no one should be subjugated by anyone else which was an argument used by Christians and Muslin lawmakers in the Nigerian National Assembly conference to justify their opposition to a bill that would end discrimination against Nigerian women. According to Dr. Raymond’s blog post, he believes that Dr. Chris is only pointing out in the Old Testament of the Abrahamic Bible that women were considered less important than a man.

Dr. Ijabla Raymond stated that he did not believe other faiths including some Christian religions, should espouse harmful sermons. Instead Dr. Raymond wrote that influential people have a harmful effect on how Nigerians think, and they should be challenged because it is harmful not to act for the survival of the Nigerian nation and for its negroid people and their mindset.

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