momo recipes in Hindi

In India, momos have become a very popular snack item. People love to eat a plate of momos as an evening snack paired with a bowl of hot soup. This is stomach filling and healthy as well.

If one is looking for momo recipes in Hindi, they can find that both steamed and fried momos can be easily made at home. Here are some other exciting options too.

  • Soup Momos

If you live in a cold weather are or during winter, you can always enjoy a plate of momo with a bowl of hot and steaming soup. Here the soup is made from either chicken broth or from the juices of some tangy vegetables. This bowl will definitely increase the flavour of the momos.

  • Cheese Chicken Momos

This one is soft and delicious and all the credit goes to the melting cheese inside the momo. Here, one needs juicy minced chicken and some hot cheese to make the filling of the momo. A very little spice and the regular recipe will serve you with these delicacies.

  • Chilly Momos

These momos can be both steamed or fried. If you are fond of spice then this one is perfect for you. It has a lot of green chillies when the filling is made. Apart from vegetables or meat chunks chillies and spicy sauce are used in them. Once you take a bite you will be taking a fiery ride and if you love the spice, you will not regret it. But yes, if you are not very fond of spicy things, it is a good idea not to go for them.

  • Green Momos

If you are very much health conscious, then this one is the perfect momo recipe for you. Here spinach is the main ingredient which is blended with flour and then kneaded in water. So the colour of the momos turns green and it is extremely healthy. Go for this when you are one a dieting mania but still want to try some delicious dishes.

  • Wheat Momos

If you are very health conscious and strict about what you eat, there can be another option of your take on momos apart from green momos. This is an entire plate of healthiness which can fill up your stomach and there will be no guilt as well. Here the momo wraps are made from grinded wheat and one can serve either hot sauce or mint chutney with this.

  • Kothey Momos

These momos are mainly half steamed and half fried and these momos have nicely elongated shapes. The filling is mainly of minced vegetables or one can also use various kinds of meats like chicken or pork and use to make these delicious momos.

  • Chocolate Momos

This one is a favourite for those who love a tint of chocolate in everything. These chocolate momos are filled with chocolate lavas and tiny chunks of cake. Also when served, these momos are topped with hot chocolate sauce. Momos and sweetness join hands to become this sinful combination.

One can also bake momos at home if they want.

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