Hyperbaric Chambers - A Unique Treatment Option for Autistic Kids While Traveling

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The hyperbaric chamber is used to carry out the HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), an alternative approach to treat ASD and its related health conditions. These sealed chambers are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the need of the patient. Hyperbaric chambers are used in galore by hospitals and medical centers which offer HBOT sessions to the patients. However, these chambers can also be used by individuals to conduct therapy sessions in the confines of their home or while traveling.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Before we start discussing on using a hyperbaric chamber for autistic kids during travel, let us explore the concept of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. HBOT is a non-invasive treatment which uses 100 percent unadulterated oxygen at a higher air pressure to deliver excess oxygen to the damaged tissues of the body where the blood circulation is limited to enhancing the natural healing capabilities of our body.

Originally, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was only used to treat decompression illness in deep-sea divers. However, with time, it was found that HBOT could also be used to counter several other ailments, including autism.

HBOT and Autism – What Are the Benefits of This Treatment?

HBOT has slowly gained widespread popularity among parents having autistic kids. However, it is yet to receive FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval and is currently an off-label approach to treat autism. Regardless, HBOT has been used as an alternative line of treatment since 2004 and many have been benefited from it till date.

An individual affected by ASD suffers from gastrointestinal inflammation, oxidative stress, cerebral hypoperfusion, mitochondrial dysfunction, and many more related ailments. Researches and studies have found HBOT to successfully treat these complications.

HBOT While Traveling – Things You Should Remember Before Purchasing a Hyperbaric Chamber

With the advise and prescription of a doctor, hyperbaric chambers can be used during travel to continue HBOT sessions without a break. However, certain factors and conditions must be kept in mind before buying and using a hyperbaric chamber during long travels. Detailed below are some pertinent questions that one should ask before using hyperbaric chambers during travel.

  • Did You Consult Doctor?

The doctor must be consulted first before taking any major decision regarding continuing HBOT sessions for an autistic individual during travel. If the doctor approves of the idea, you can go ahead with the process of buying a hyperbaric chamber which will be suitable for the needs of the patient. However, before you make the actual purchase, consult the doctor again to understand if it is a right choice for your child.

  • How Many People Will be Using the Hyperbaric Chamber?

Hyperbaric chambers come in various sizes such as 21”, 27”, 32”, 42” etc. The size of the chamber you need will depend solely on the number of people using the chamber. Generally, two children can be comfortably accommodated inside hyperbaric chambers of the above-mentioned sizes. However, it is better to buy two separate hyperbaric chambers for grown-up adults.

  • What is the Weight of the Hyperbaric Chamber?

If you will be frequently traveling with the hyperbaric chamber, consult your physician and try to opt for a chamber which is lightweight and is easily portable, preferably a 21”, 27”, or a 32”. These chambers come with lightweight compressors, which can be easily carried around.

  • Will You Use the Hyperbaric Chamber in Public Places?

Some air compressors can be too loud when switched on. Given that a session continues for a minimum of 30 minutes, it could disturb other people if you are using a loud compressor in a public place. So ensure to buy a compressor that creates minimal noise during journey.

  • Is It Easy To Contact the Manufacturer/Seller of the Hyperbaric Chamber While Traveling?

Buy from a company that provides customer service 24*7 and at the location, you will be traveling to. If you face any trouble in assembling the equipment or need a technician to repair a damage, a company which services round the clock will be of a greater help than the manufacturers who has a fixed consumer support time.

  • Did You Conduct a Background Check On the Seller?

HBO therapy is slowly gaining popularity among parents and caregivers of autistic children. Therefore, the demand for hyperbaric chambers is also on a rise. To meet this increasing demand, a number of sellers have come up in the market. So it is essential to conduct a background check on the goodwill and service before going ahead with your buy. Ensure that the hyperbaric chambers are of top quality and the company has a clean retail history.

In Conclusion:

The above-mentioned questions will help you to take an informed decision when buying a hyperbaric chamber to be used during traveling. However, consult your doctor or any authorized physician before buying the chamber. A hyperbaric chamber is essential if you want your child to enjoy the benefits of HBO therapy.





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