why undergo a knee surgery

Knee surgeries have become a household thing these days. As more and more people are falling prey to osteoarthritis, the number of knee surgery patients is also increasing. So there are a lot of people out there with lots of questions when it comes to knee surgery.

There are some basic questions that people want answers to and these are facts that everyone should be aware of. It is best to be aware of these conditions from beforehand so that one can be as cautious as possible when it comes to old age and prepare themselves accordingly.

Query 1: When does one need a knee replacement surgery?

Well there are various circumstances under which you will have to go for this surgery. When it comes to answering something basic as why undergo a knee replacement surgery, one might say that there are some tell-tale signs that indicate that you will need a surgery soon. First and foremost, doctors, never advice surgery until and unless it is absolutely necessary. When oral medication, physiotherapy and other forms of treatment fails and if you have a constant inflammation and seething pain in your knee then it is time that you need to have a replacement surgery.

Query 2: When does one need a total knee replacement surgery?

Total knee replacement surgeries are advised only when the damage is extreme and the bones and cartilages of the knee joint need to be replaced. There are partial surgeries as well which are often performed by surgeons when the damage is not that extreme and is controlled within one specific area. Your doctor will be the best person to advice you and tell you which type of surgery should you be opting for in your case.

Query 3: What Happens during Knee Replacement Surgery?

Well during a knee replacement surgery what basically happens is that the damaged bones and cartilages are removed from your knee joint and in their place new and artificial materials are put in place so that you can regain a proper and painless function of your knees. This is a complex process and it varies with the various types of the procedure, but more or less the basic concept of replacement remains the same.

Query 4: What are the risks that one should be aware of?

Just like any other complex operation, this one too has its fair share of complications and risks. It can lead to blood clots and sometimes even permanent arterial or damage of the veins, which might even result in paralysis. It is best to discuss the risks of the procedure with your doctor first before you take a final decision.

Query 5: What does one need to do after the surgery?

Post-operative care is the most important one and you will have to follow the instructions by the book if you want to get up and about in less time. Keep an eye out for infections. If you see any inflammation or redness immediately contact your doctor.

These are some of the most basic queries that one needs to be answered when facing a knee surgery in the near future.

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