Four Useful Essential Oils for Headaches


Nowadays, there is more and more people report about suffering from headaches which include migraines, cluster aches or tension headaches. Millions of people all over the world have headaches every day due to various reasons. Especially, women tend to have headache disorder with higher frequency than men.

Almost everyone knows the uncomfortable and painful feeling headaches bring on. It can also affect many aspects of our life, physical health, mental health and financial status, as well. Frequent headaches and the fear of when it is going to hit your head have impacts on your career, and your social line. With migraine sufferers, headaches can lead to depression, illness, and anxiety, according to World Health Organization.

Causes of headaches

There are so many potential causes that it’s hard to know what exactly leads to headaches or the combination of some reasons, such as hypoglycemia, stress,  fatigue, hormones, alcohol or drugs, allergies, and nutritional deficiencies.

Usually, people won’t try to find out the reason for headaches, as well as not visit the hospital for this disorder. They tend to find some help from over- the- counter painkillers, but they are drugs with the side effect such as liver and kidney damage. Moreover, long duration of using painkillers can lead to addiction with some opioid medications.

Four useful essential oils for headaches

Essential oils for headaches used in aromatherapy are the safest and most effective way to treat for any trigger. It means those home remedies of using essential oils for a headache can reach the root of the problem rather than diminish the pain temporarily. Furthermore, essential oils can boost up your immune system, reduce inflammation, pain, muscle contraction, and stimulate blood flow to the brain.

There are many kinds of essential oil, but today, we would like to recommend you four best essential oils for headaches. Decide which one is appropriate for you in recovering from a migraine or tension headaches.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is a combination of spearmint and water mint. The hybrid species is famous for the cooling sensation ability. But do you know that peppermint can inhibit muscle cramp and improve blood flow in the forehead when it is placed topically on affected area? Its scent and medical ability have been used for a long time ago in historical records found in ancient Japanese and Chinese as a kind of medicine.

Peppermint is used as a natural painkiller which can diminish a tension headache remarkably. Just crush peppermint leaves and place topically on the temple and across the forehead. Leave the mint crush in your forehead and temple in 15- 20 minutes.

But there is an easier way for you to relieve a migraine, peppermint essential oil. Drop a few drops of pure essential oil on your hands and massage the temple area gently in 20 minutes. Or mix it with a kind of carrier oil, such as almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil and rub it onto your temple if you found that pure essential oil makes your skin feel burnt.

The essential oil can work more effectually when the oil substances reach the deeper side of your head. Therefore, massage will help distribute essential oil and enhance the outcome of getting rid of a headache. Otherwise, the location for you to massage is temple, scalp, the base of scalp, neck and down to your shoulder. Compressing the lymph nodes and massage to stimulate blood flow will help you recover from headaches quickly.

However, peppermint is an uplifting, using it before bedtime can energize your mind and interfere your sleep.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender is famous for its calming effect on mental health which is used to against the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and kind of insomnia. There is even growing evidence that lavender is an effective cure for neurological disorders.

 The positive impact of lavender as an essential oil for headaches in a migraine and tension pain caused by depression is noticeable. Moreover, lavender regulates serotonin levels, a happy hormone which minimizes pain in the nervous system.

You can use lavender essential oil directly on the forehead and temple along with carrier oil.

But the scent of lavender is ideal for inhalation. It is an excellent therapy for fighting symptoms of a migraine like nausea, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Just pour water and a few drops of lavender essential oil in an aroma lamp, light the candle underneath to heat the mixture up and let its scent appease you with headaches.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary has been used for a long time in folk medicine for the treatment of headaches and poor circulation. Its properties allow rosemary to stimulate blood circulation, fight against pain.

Furthermore, rosemary can reduce stress condition, which is the primary key to trigger headache attack. Stress relief can also lead to aids digestion and get over upset stomach, a symptom of a severe headache.

Besides those methods combining with essential oil for headaches that we recommended you before, you can put some drops of rosemary oil in tea, water or soup while you are suffering from a migraine. Just add some drops of rosemary essential oil to a large bowl of hot water and breathe in the steam for a few minutes until the water gets cool.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus is an excellent expectorant with herb doctor since it can help cleanse the body of toxins and microorganisms. Widening the airway and reduce sinus pressure which can lead to a nasty headache is another use of eucalyptus.

In Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there has been an article showing that inhaling eucalyptus oil reduces pain and blood pressure. And there’s a connection here that using eucalyptus as a kind of essential oil for a headache helps stabilize person’s mood. This ability makes eucalyptus worth for assisting people suffering from tension headaches.

In addition, eucalyptus is used as a fragrance in soap, detergent, and perfumes. That’s why coordination between eucalyptus essential oil and diffusion machine as aromatherapy for headaches is a good idea. Place oils in the diffuser and run the machine three times a day in 15- 20 minutes for each use. It is also a good suggestion for you even you do not have a headache. Let its scent covering your place to keep your mind calm and relax after a hard working day to prevent a migraine and tension headache.

Our aim today is to suggest you four home remedies applying essential oils for headaches. Pick one suitable method that you find it convenient and effective for you.


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