health tips for ladies

These days there are a lot of bad food habits running around. People do not have time to maintain a proper healthy diet and keep on falling prey to oily and fried roadside food items.

Working women have even more problems. While balancing home and work life at par they fail miserably when it comes to looking after themselves. Especially they fail to maintain a healthy diet amidst the entire busy schedule throughout the day. So, when one thinks of health tips for ladies the first thing they need to do is to maintain a healthy diet chart on a regular basis. Here are a few food items which they can easily keep in their regular diet program and can gain immense health benefits from them.

  • Calcium is very important in a woman’s body. Once a woman reaches their 30’s they need something to strengthen their bones and calcium can help them in preventing osteoporosis. There are easily available products from which one can have their regular calcium requirement in their body. Go for a cup of yogurt or a can of non fat milk everyday which will help a lot. You can also add some cereals with milk or yogurt and it can be a perfect breakfast for you. You can also add parmesan cheese in your diet which has a good calcium count.
  • Feeling hungry in between breakfast and afternoon meal? Why not go for a fresh fruit in between? Apple is the best thing that you can munch on as it is full of anti oxidants and fibres. Not only that, apple also has quercetin which saves one from respiratory problems.
  • Another thing that one should eat on a regular basis is lentils which are high on iron and low on calories. It is said that women have low iron content in their body and they are always open to the risk of suffering from anaemia. So, to prevent that, lentil is a must.
  • A cup of fresh broccoli is always a good food habit. It has a lot Vitamin C and it is also very rich in beta carotene which inside the body coverts into Vitamin A. The old skin cells are replaced with new ones and so this can easily prevent wrinkles.
  • Potatoes are also good for human health. It has a fat fighting compound and it is called resistant starch. This has more potassium than bananas and it helps in keeping the blood pressure low.
  • Leafy green vegetables are always a must in regular eating habits. Spinach is one among them. It has a lot of magnesium and calcium which keeps your bones very strong.
  • All the above mentioned food items can be a bit boring but having a cube of dark chocolate at night is definitely not. But it has to be 70 percent cocoa content and it keeps the human heart really good.

To get natural health tips in Hindi one can also consult a proper dietician.

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