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Pregnancy may sound like a very stressful period, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that. You can always enjoy that beautiful phase of your life with a little help from your spouse. True, it will be a difficult time, especially if it is your first child, but relax and try to be happy about whatever you are going through. During pregnancy, it is not just the spouse who helps the mother to be. There are many other helpful hands like parents, in-laws, doctors, and friends. Sometimes, it is not just people who are helping you to cope with your pregnancy, but some pregnancy tools too.

Here are some pregnancy-related tools that you must own if you are planning for a baby –

Ovulation calculator –

This is the first step of having a baby. Many people do not know when they are ovulating. It becomes especially difficult to guess the ovulation time if your periods are not regular. For such women, there is a god sent gift called as the ovulation calculator. This device will show you when you are ovulating so you can plan to conceivea baby.

Due date calculator –

As your pregnancy progresses, the excitement also increases. You can’t wait long to see your baby. While you cannot speedup the process, you can know when your baby will be born. Yes, the doctors do tell a prospective due date. But, you can calculate it on your own by using a due date calculator. This is going to help you be prepared for the new arrival in all terms. The due date calculator uses your last period date to give you the due date.

Implantation calculator –

Implantation is the most important step in conceiving a baby. If it is done smoothly, then your pregnancy is almost confirmed. There are no clear signs of implantation, so you will need a calculator to know for sure. The Implantation Calculator will let you know when the implantation took place.

Kick counter –

Nothing can surpass the feeling of your baby moving inside your womb. It is the first time you are going to feel your baby move. The baby kicks you a lot as the pregnancy progresses. You can keep a count of how many times your baby kicked you with the help of this kick counter. You can have the report saved and printed showing the number of times the baby kicked you. It is surely a memorable thing to do.

Contraction calculator –

When you are close to labour, you will have contractions. It is important that you know the number of contractions you experience, especially when you near your due date. It will also give you a cue of when you must visit the doctor. Use the contraction calculator to calculate your contractions. Just one click and you will know whether you are nearing your labour.

These are some of the pregnancy test tools,which will clear the many doubts you have in your mind and make your pregnancy journey easy and fun.

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