Defeat Cancer by Chemotherapy

Cancer is one of the commonest causes of death in today’s world. Cancer simply refers to a disease when our own body cells, due to certain oncogenic factors have gone rogue and divide rapidly, without the normal cell cycle checkpoints. And as they divide rapidly, consume all the nutrition and even spread to other parts of body rapidly by the bloodstream. Cancer risk factors include but are not limited to smoking, genetic history, obesity, exposure to ray and compromised immune system.

Cancer treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell transplant, precision medicine and chemotherapy. While there are a vast range of options to kill your cancer or at least control it for now, but you need to be picky about what treatment you must undergo and have some knowledge about all of them.

In surgery an oncogenist (a doctor who specializes in treatment of cancer) removes the cancerous cells or tumour from your body. It is usually done in late stages of cancer, as sometimes a body part may also have to be removed. In radiation therapy, a high dose of rays is used to shrink and slaughter the cancer cells. Immunotherapy is an option which treats cancer by activating your immune system against the cancer cells. In targeted therapy, those agents who help the cancer cells to grow, feed, divide and spread are targeted and removed. Hormone therapy is used in the cases of breast and prostate cancer usually. It slows down the growth and spread rate by cutting them off the hormones they require to grow. Stem cell transplant is not exactly a cancer therapy, but is used as a follow up after high dosage of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Precision medicine is a costly choice that results in doctors targeting their genetic defects and curing it for curing the cancer.

The most popular one among the common people is the chemotherapy. There are quite a number of reasons, people choose chemotherapy.Chemotherapy can be administered to you at the doctor’s chamber, hospital or even at your home. The chemotherapy method uses special drugs that are designed to target cells that divide rapidly. There is another benefit as these drugs act on the whole body and so there isn’t a chance that some cancerous cells gets unnoticed and left off during the treatment.  But it also has some side effects, as the cells such as falling of hair, feeling extreme temperatures and so on.

Although, there are many hospital and medical colleges in India offering chemotherapy, we should often go through a background check of the institution. To get the best chemotherapy in India, you need to keep certain factors in mind. The follow ups and regular checkup options should be proper and feasible. You can decide upon the one with a history of successful treatments.

Many people are yet to know that cancer, especially in earlier stages can be totally cured. The cancer patients have been granted a normal lifestyle by the recent developments in the medical field.

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