black coffee recipe

People say a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. It is a morning drink for many people and even one is feeling low in energy, a cup of hot and brewing coffee can save their day. There are a lot of variations in hot and cold coffeee and one can choose from these options. But yes, there are some popular variations of this favourite drink of many. Here are the most popular ones.


If you are wondering which drink of coffee is the best in this entire world, then the answer to that is Espresso. And if you search for black coffee recipe, then this definitely tops the list. This is the most consumed variation when it comes to coffee and it has its origin in Italy during the 18th century. This became a popular beverage in Europe and then slowly it spread its popularity over America. At present at most coffees stations and shops in every country serves this variety of coffees as a rich and hot espresso drink is an all-time favourite for all. This drink is made by using boiling water and it has to steam about 185 to 203 degree F. The main thing is, this drink is made with very less water in a coffees machine under high pressure with some dark and roasted coffee grounds. This espresso also works as a base to make other coffees drinks like Mocha, Cappuccino and Latte. This variation needs at least 7 to 8 grams of coffee and a very little amount of water.


As the name goes, this is a proper American coffees and here one blends some hot water and espresso together to make it. This looks more like a cup of black coffee but the taste is different. This coffee was originated during the time of world War because the American soldiers used to mix hot water with espresso in Italy so that they can get a similar kind of taste. Here the main thing is to infuse hot water in a shot of espresso and the ratio is mostly one is to one. But the amount of water can be increased according to the preference of the drinker.

Iced coffee

This coffee has a lot of ice cubes over it. This one is mainly labelled as a summer or a spring drink when the weather is a bit hot around. This was originated in the 17th century in Algeria and it is mainly prepared with cold water and coffee syrup. In this case, one has to soak the coffees beans in water overnight and then filter it well. Then one can mix it with milk and sweeteners before serving it with ice cubes on top of it.


This is again an Italian drink which came to scene in the late 16th century. The original name of this coffee was ‘Kapuziner’ and then later in 1930’s it took the Italian name according to the color of the drink. Here, espresso shot is mixed with steamed milk and milk foam with some cinnamon or chocolate sprinkled over it.

One can try their favourite at home.

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