Benefits of Eating Chocolate

There are so many researches showing the benefits of chocolates for out body. They contain powerful antioxidants called flavonoids, as well as some magnesium. We have so loved them since our childhood. There are few eatables out there that have so many benefits and so delicious. Let us have awareness about in how many different ways they benefit us.

1. Forging a bond between child and parent

Parents tend to use chocolates to celebrate their child’s achievements as encouragement to perform better the next time. This interaction fosters a sense of trust and positivity, creating a strong and happy bond between the child and the parent.

2. Improving problem solving skills

The flavanols in chocolates are known to increase blood flow to the brain. The Telegraph published that researchers in the UK found flavanols improved mathematical skills. Those students who binged on chocolate while solving math problems, did them accurately and were less likely to feel tired, the study said.

3. Giving much-needed energy

Militaries keep chocolates with them in case they need if they are caught in some situations where they are in need of energy boost. Particularly, dark chocolate is loaded with soluble fiber and many essential minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and copper. This makes chocolate a essential to our daily lifestyle.

4. Protecting the heart

Researches show that chocolate fight against heart diseases.  It contains flavonoids which are antioxidants and help improving heart’s life. Chocolates is also said to fight against bad cholesterol, a major health concern.

However, as we all know everything has its downsides. Hence, it should have in moderation too.  It can be a powerful migraine trigger because it contains both caffeine and the amino acids tyramine and phenylethylamine. Chocolate can also trigger IBS symptoms in some people. If you experience discomfort after consuming chocolate, consider limiting your consumption or avoiding it altogether. However, for that to happen, one needs to take a crazy amount of chocolate in the first place. So, without fear, go and order you favourite chocolate servings, from candies to chocolate powders for your ice-creams and cakes. You can easily get them at Shopclues where you will get exciting Shopclues offers and Shopclues cashbacks.

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