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Everyone knows that the human spine provides the support to the body and it is because of this spine, the human beings are able to perform functions such as standing upright, bending or twisting. The spinal cord is indeed very complicated and surely the most important part of human anatomy. In case a person faces a spinal injury, all the above-mentioned functions can get compromised. Therefore it is best to protect the spine from injuries. As a matter of fact, the spine is made up of 33 different bones which are arranged on top of each other. The nerves, bones, and ligaments support the entire body and are highly sensitive. A minor injury also can lead to a treacherous pain.

Why do problems in spinal cord arise?

The spine specialist in India state that the spinal injuries are usually a result of the following:

  • Injuries
  • Blocked supply of blood
  • Compression created due to tumour
  • Infections

Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Injury

Injury to the spinal cord is something which one cannot ignore. The following are the signs and symptoms of spinal cord injury:

  • Restricted movement
  • Loss of control over bowel or bladder
  • Difficulty in walking and balancing the body
  • Extreme pain and pressure in the neck and back area
  • Loss of sensation
  • Difficulty in breathing and coughing.

Causes of Spinal injury

Any blow to the bones or spine which dislocates the bones and ligaments may result in an injury. Mostly sportspersons face this injury such as footballers and gymnasts. In some cases, when people undergo accidents or falls, the vertebrae get injured. Also any kind of deformity pertaining to bones or diseases such as polio results in underdevelopment of the brain and spinal cord growth. Osteoporosis is also another reason for spinal cord injury.

What to do if suspect a spinal cord injury?

If you suspect that someone has a spinal cord or a back injury as per the top spine specialist in India, call for an ambulance or an emergency help. Do not move the person or try to lift him. Try and prevent any kind of movement. If the person has undergone an accident while riding a two-wheeler and is wearing a helmet, do not remove the helmet. You might see the victim choking or vomiting; roll him/her with the help of someone. Keep the head, back and neck aligned while rolling. Also if you are trying to assist, keep the airway open.

Interesting facts about Spine

  1. There are over 120 muscles in the Spine and almost 220 single ligaments.
  2. Almost 100 joints in our body are dependent on the spine for movement.
  3. Backbones are a very a strong part of human body and can endure 100s of kilos of weight. No wonder the weightlifters are able to lift so much of weight.
  4. The spinal column is also called as “Atlas”. Atlas is a Mythological creature in Greece who is known to carry the Earth on top of his shoulders.
  5. Car accidents result in a number of spinal cord injuries and back pain.

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