Add vegetables or Chicken Making the Best Biryani

A one pot meal of rice served with aromatic flavours of spices is actually sufficient for all the rice lovers. Rice which is the staple food of the masses, is loved by the people of all the ages as it can be mix-matched with many other dishes and tastes better every time. Thus, rice which can be served at any occasion, whether it is a small get together party, Eid or grand wedding celebrations, it completes the menu for all.

One such recipe which makes rice the king of all the dishes is the “Biryani”. It is the rice which is suffused with a variety of spices, some roasted nuts, dried fruits, or caramelized onions that are deep and layered in coated with the flavours. Biryani is one of the royal dishes served in our country India. We have a wide variety of biryani to choose from.

Even the chefs in India have made their marks in making the flavours so yummy that it is one of the most famous dishes.

Types of Biryani-

  • Hyderabadi Biryani- This dish from the Mughlai kitchen is though quite difficult to prepare but every chef has its own way of spicing it with distinctive flavours. This type is uniquely cooked which has the most robust, and spicy taste as here the rice and meat are infused with a heady blend of aromatics using quality cardamom, clove, cinnamon, saffron, etc.
  • Ambur Biryani- The famous biryani of Tamil Nadu is the “Ambur Biryani” which is known as the optional biryani which can be cooked either with chicken, mutton, beef and prawn as options. The flavour of mint and coriander makes it stand out. In this type of biryani the meat is soaked in the curd before finally adding it to the rice, which imparts a unique taste to the dish.
  • Lucknowi biryani- Biryani which is based on the Persian style of cooking, made with the useof a completely different method is called the Lucknowi Biryani. This method of cooking is known as dumpukht. In this recipe the meat and gravy are partially cooked which are then layered in the distinctive dumpukht style. It is served in the cuisines in a sealed handi, which is very light on the stomach and low on spices.
  • Sindhi Biryani- Another quite spicy and zesty in taste biryani is the Sindhi biryani. Mixed with the sour curd, use of spices and chilli mark, this form of biryani tastes very different and unique. One can learn to make this veg biryani recipe in Marathi. Another differentiating factor while cooking this biryani is the use of kewra or mithaittr. This recipe also uses potatoes and prunes to make it taste better.

For those who want to eat but fancy and different- must try a homemade biryani. Eating biryani has many benefits too. As many different herbs and spices are added to the dish like garlic, ginger, coriander, paprika and cumin, turmeric, etc., which have their own health benefits. These items are not included only for their health benefits but also havea reason-of adding flavours. Try Biryani and love its taste!!

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