Best Detroit Lasik Eye Surgery

Use of a laser to repair the near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism in eyes is called the LASIK procedure. It is a surgical procedure to correct the vision problems. It is an alternative for prescribed eyeglasses are contact lenses. LASIK surgery is mostly performed in USA. If you stay in Michigan there are many Lasik Centers you can go for the Yaldo Eye Center that fits with your requirements. Intraocular lens procedures are also the type of refractive surgery which can be performed depending upon the needs. But there are certain criteria that have to be kept in mind before going for LASIK Procedure which is mentioned below:-

·         Eyes must be in good condition

If your eyes are sensitive towards any kind of surgery and cause infection like severe dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis or any other type of infection then you must wait until the condition is reduced. LASIK surgery may worsen your condition if you have persistent dry eyes, burning, stinging and even excessive tears. So your eyes must be in healthy condition. The Best Detroit Lasik Eye Surgery centers check your overall condition of eyes before surgery

·         Your cornea must not be too thin

If the cornea of your eyes is too thin and LASIK surgery is performed then it will aggravate your vision. LASIK surgery is also not advisable to people whose surface of cornea is highly irregular. Although new technologies and techniques are developed for people who are not eligible for LASIK or PRK, one of these new techniques is an implantable lens which is also a refractive surgery.

·         Your pupils must be of normal size

If your pupils are overly large and LASIK is performed then it might impair your vision. Certain Side Effects can be caused such as Hallows, glares and starbursts in low light.

·         You must not have severe refractive error

LASIK procedure may not be worth the cost if you have extremely high refractive errors. Removal of too much corneal tissue may cause risk of vision complications. In such cases other surgeries like implantable Lenses or refractive lens exchanges are advisable.

·         Age limit

You must be under a certain age group. Different procedures require different age groups; some require you to be 18 and others 21. If you are younger than this age group then you can be treated as exception. People with age above 40 may naturally require reading glasses at this age the vision power may decrease on its own. Although LASIK may improve your vision at this age and reduce your dependence on reading glasses.

·         Good health is important

If your body has any trouble regarding healing then the results could compromise and aggravate your condition. If you are pregnant then you should delay your LASIK surgery as during pregnancy hormonal changes takes place that might alter the shape of your cornea and lead to temporary changes in your vision. LASIK can be performed on the HIV patients with good immune cells count. Although one might pose risk in certain cases. LASIK surgery is not advisable to patients taking certain medications like immunosuppressants as it might reduce the healing procedure.

 However, it is advisable to consult your surgeon before undergoing the surgery.

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